Every parent wants their child to succeed...to grow into a happy, productive young adult. The joy it brings is priceless, but when your child is off track, the pain can be overwhelming. Despite your best intentions, you may find yourself dealing with one of the many challenges facing parents today...

  • Your teen's school performance has fallen off and it's clear to you that he's not fulfilling his potential.

  • It's difficult to communicate without the conversation turning into an argument.

  • You're concerned about the direction in which your teen is heading--or they may even be getting out of control.

  • He may be experimenting with drugs or alcohol, putting himself in dangerous situations or hanging with the wrong crowd.

  • Your teen is labeled with ADD/ADHD, but you don't know how to effectively help manage his behavior.

  • Your teen is a young adult by now, but is still struggling to find his way. He may or may not be in school, but regardless, you're concerned that he's not on the path towards maturity and independence.

"Thank you would never be enough."

To say that the change we have seen is dramatic sounds trite, but it is the only way to describe how our son has progressed. He is now focused, goal oriented and achieving. Working with Joshua has brought out qualities that have been hidden for many years.

Our son is now reaching for higher goals and for a life with purpose and direction. Joshua Wayne helped our son recognize and start to achieve his potential. Thank you would never be enough.
{Sherry Anderson, Boston, MA}

It isn't easy. The skills required to raise a teen are far different from those required to raise a child, which is where the problem usually begins.

My name is Joshua Wayne, and I work with teens and their families in a way you may not have experienced before. Though trained as a psychotherapist, I do no therapy. Instead, I serve as a mentor to help teens take responsibility for their lives and unlock within them a drive to strive for their potential. As parents play a critical role in the success of their teens, my work also involves helping parents discover the source of the challenges they're facing and the surest way back to balance and happiness in the home.

After working with me, your teen will...

  • Learn to think for themselves, making sound decisions that are based on strong values.

  • Stop manipulating and using anger to get what they wants.

  • Learn to handle challenges, disappointment, and criticism maturely.

  • Have greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Learn the importance--and the process--to reach their potential

After working with me, you will...

  • Bring healthy communication and balance back into your home.

  • Quickly eliminate conflict and power struggles.

  • Develop the relationship with your children you've always wanted to have.

  • Become the parent you've always wanted to be.

"...learned more in two hours...than I did in eight years..."

I learned more about myself and my role as a parent in two hours with Joshua than I did in eight years with other therapists. {LeeAnne Walsch, Sammamish, WA}

Facing the challenges of raising a teen may be difficult, but you don't have to do it alone, guessing your way forward. For over twenty years I've worked directly with families, one on one, to help them navigate their way toward a healthy teen and a happy home. I can do the same for you.

I work with a select number of families seeking a customized solution in the Washington DC area as well as nationwide by phone and Skype. To begin the process, I offer a free consultation to discuss particular challenges and offer specific, practical feedback.

If my approach fits your needs, we'll explore how I can best help you and your family. If not, you may take the free advice without any obligation.

Due to the high-level nature of my work, I currently have a limited number of sessions available. To secure one of the remaining slots, simply click the button below to fill out a short form or call 202-677-5260 today.

After working with parents and their children for over two decades, I've learned that no matter how difficult the situation may seem, together we can help your teen become a happy, healthy, and successful young adult. Star athletes, Fortune 500 executives, and even busy moms and dads seek the help of mentors, consultants, and life coaches...so why not teens? In the throes of life's most challenging stage, someone to help navigate the waters is more important than ever.

"...nobody has ever come close to stepping into Joshua's
realm of contact, help, and guidance."

Joshua's guidance has allowed me to access the point within myself from where I am able and confident to go out into the world as a happy and balanced individual, always being at my best and making the most of my surroundings.

I have had years of prior therapy and nobody has ever come close to stepping into Joshua's realm of contact, help, and guidance.
{David Constance, Houston, TX}

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