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A former struggling teen himself, Joshua Wayne, MA understands deeply what they are going through


Since 1996, Joshua has worked with kids in just about every setting imaginable: drug and alcohol treatment, with at-risk foster youth, community mental health, private practice and on the front lines of urban education reform.

  • Director of Special Education at District of Columbia Public Schools, Washington, DC.
  • Has trained and consulted across the country for police departments, school districts, state and local governments, and youth organizations on how to work effectively with teens and their families.
  • Masters Degree in Counselor Education from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago
  • Nationally Certified Counselor
  • Creator of "The Simple Guide to Help Teens Thrive."
  • Featured as a Life Coach on the Style TV Network
  • Lives with his wife Bettina and son Hunter in Washington, D.C.


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