Joshua is an inspiring and motivational speaker who speaks to teens about mental well-being, how to say "no" without losing face and building healthy relationships.
He speaks to adults about getting kids to both "listen up" and "open up", warning signs of deeper issues, and healthy technology use.


"Thank you for an AWESOME presentation. You inspired our audience to continue to be active agents in building and sustaining powerful relationships with the kids in their lives."

- Manuel Aldaco, Texas Education Service Center, Region 19, El Paso, TX

Student Presentations

Even Superheroes Get the Blues: An Honest Conversation About Mental Health

According to the Child Mind Institute, nearly 1 in 4 students today meet the criteria for a mental health disorder, and suicide has become the second leading cause of death for this generation. We also can’t ignore the fact that adolescent depression and anxiety rates have risen in direct correlation to smartphone usage. This is clearly an issue that be must be addressed in a practical, level-headed way. Using the struggles of superheroes as a conversation starter, Joshua discusses mental health in a humorous, down to earth way your students will relate to.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Practical tools to handle stress and strengthen mental well-being
  • The link between tech overuse and mental health
  • Tools for managing tech use in a healthy way
  • How to develop healthy coping mechanisms and resilience
  • That they are not alone and there are solutions to every problem
  • Knowing how - and when - to ask for help
"Thank you so much! Our school and community raved about your presentation and the entire event. This was such an awesome experience for all involved."
- Leslie Wheeler, Assistant Principal, Spanish Fort Middle School, Spanish Fort, AL

Parents, Teachers and Caring Adults 

Helping Kids Today Become Successful Young Adults Tomorrow

As parents, teachers and other caring adults in the lives of teens, we all want the same thing: to see them happy, self-confident and capable of thriving in the adult world. In a unique and insightful way, Joshua breaks down the essential tools we as the adults in their lives, need to help them make that a reality.

Topics Covered: 

  • Get Them to Both “Listen Up” and “Open up”
  • Help Them Make SMART Choices
  • Help Them Set the RIGHT Goals & Priorities
  • Help Them Learn From Mistakes & Adversity
  • Helpful Real-Time Q&A

Teens & Tech: What to do When Devices Rule

Teens in the United States spend about nine hours per day in front of a screen. That amounts to 40% of their lives, and that doesn’t even include time spent on school work! Truthfully though, the problem isn’t technology; the problem is moderation. In this talk Joshua guides parents, teachers and other caring adults on how to find a healthy tech balance for our kids today.

Topics Covered:

  • Setting Proper Limits

  • Keeping Them Engaged in Healthy OFFLINE Activities

  • Addressing Pornography & Online Behavior

  • Helpful Real-Time Q&A

"I've been organizing events at BCC for parents for a number of years. Joshua's message was by far one of the most useful we've had. We look forward to having him back."
- Rachel Lustumbo, PTA coordinator, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Bethesda, MD