Every parent wants their child to grow into a happy, successful and responsible young adult.


If your child is underperforming or off track, the pain and frustration can be tremendous. If you are finding yourself stuck and unsure what to do next, you may want to consider a 1-1 coaching session with me:


  • We will spend 1.5-2 hour together (typically on a Zoom call) doing a deep dive into the challenges you’re having with your teen/young adult.

  • I’ll ask you a range of questions that will enable me to provide you with a very specific set of recommendations by the time we’re done that will get things moving in a better direction. 

  • I will answer any questions you have regarding your teen’s behavior, your parenting approach and specific situations you encounter.

  • If you have any follow-up questions in the 2 weeks following our session, you are welcome to email me. 

  • Please note that this session is intended for parents. If you want to explore me engaging with your child, that will be a separate process. We can discuss this possibility more when we meet. 


The cost for this consultation is $500.00.


To schedule a time to speak please email me at:

jmwayne18 (AT) gmail (DOT) com 


(Please note: you will absolutely get significant value out of our session together, and you will walk away with much greater clarity on what to do next. On a limited basis, I work with a handful of families on a more ongoing basis. If we decide to explore working together in this way, the consultation fee can be applied towards my first month working with your family.)

"After many years of “traditional” therapy, our son started working with Joshua. To say that the change we have seen is “dramatic” sounds trite, but it is the only way to describe how our son has progressed. Our son is now focused, goal oriented and achieving. Working with Joshua has brought out qualities that have been hidden for many years. Our son is now reaching for higher goals and for a life with purpose and direction. Joshua helped our son recognize and start to achieve his potential. Thank you would never be enough."

- Susan Alpert, Parent, Teaneck, NJ

What Makes a Healthy Teen Boy?

This is a video that expands on the model Joshua uses mentoring young men.
"Joshua’s guidance has allowed me to access the point within myself from where I am able and confident to go out into the world as a happy and balanced individual, always being at my best and making the most of my surroundings. I have had years of prior therapy and nobody has ever come close to stepping into Joshua’s realm of contact, help, and guidance."
- David Constance, College Student, Houston, TX