I currently work with two kinds of clients in my private coaching work: 
1.  Parents Struggling With Their Teenager/Young Adult
I provide parents with clear-headed, objective advice on their teen typically focused on:
  • Getting rid of conflict & power struggles
  • School issues
  • Drug use and other risky behavior
  • Getting tech to a place of healthy balance
  • Struggling to transition successfully to independence and adulthood
2.  Struggling Teen & Young Adult Boys
I also mentor young men who are struggling to transition to adulthood and independence, and need another adult in their life they can trust. This work is fundamentally about building a relationship and supporting them to build the skills and confidence needed to successfully go out into the world on their own.   


My approach is extremely effective but there are some things you should know before proceeding:
1. I do not accept any kind of 3rd party reimbursement.
2. Due to my speaking and other work commitments, I no longer maintain a physical office, however I am just as effective via Skype and phone. This also enables me to work with clients all over the world. In some cases we may be able to arrange in person meetings. 
3. In most cases I do not charge by the hour. Rather, we'll agree on a flat monthly rate and you (or your child) will have access to me whenever needed.
4. I will encourage you to reach out when challenges happen so we can strike while the iron is hot and resolve them. On average we'll talk 3-5 times per month and email as needed.


If you would like to discuss further how I can help your family, the best thing to do is put some time on my calendar using the link below. I only work with youth & families I'm confident I can help so I will be very forthright about your situation, and the role I can play.
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"After many years of “traditional” therapy, our son started working with Joshua. To say that the change we have seen is “dramatic” sounds trite, but it is the only way to describe how our son has progressed. Our son is now focused, goal oriented and achieving. Working with Joshua has brought out qualities that have been hidden for many years. Our son is now reaching for higher goals and for a life with purpose and direction. Joshua helped our son recognize and start to achieve his potential. Thank you would never be enough."
Susan Alpert, Teaneck, NJ
Teaneck, NJ

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"Joshua’s guidance has allowed me to access the point within myself from where I am able and confident to go out into the world as a happy and balanced individual, always being at my best and making the most of my surroundings. I have had years of prior therapy and nobody has ever come close to stepping into Joshua’s realm of contact, help, and guidance."
David Constance, Houston, TX
College Student