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...spent helping parents raise happier, healthier children, I've found that most make the same seven mistakes. They have the best of intentions, as most parents do, but still these correctable errors creep into their daily lives.

I don't blame them--and I don't blame you. Parenting is the hardest job on earth, and one that doesn't come with an instruction manual. But what's at stake is too important to ignore, which is why I've gathered these mistakes into one place along with proven strategies to reverse them all.

With The 7 Parenting Mistakes, you'll not only discover hidden obstacles that may be getting in your way, but also how to fix them and become a better parent overnight. In just a moment, you'll learn...

The #1 trap new parents fall into when making choices for their children's futures

Why this type of 'help' actually does more harm than good

The two most important words you can't afford to mix up

How to avoid your child's oldest--and most undermining--trick in the book

And much, much more...

You want to be the best parent possible for your child or teen, but that's not always easy. Without years of experience and professional training, it can be difficult to choose the right path or use the correct technique. You don't have to guess any longer.

Learn from my nearly two decades in the field working with families throughout the country by filling out the form to the right. In minutes you'll be on your way to a happier, healthier family!

Joshua Wayne, founder of Joshua Wayne & Associates and creator of Your Successful Teen™, has dedicated nearly twenty years to helping parents raise happy, healthy, successful young adults. From his MA in counseling and certification by the NBCC to his guest appearances on national TV and work with government agencies, Joshua has become a leading voice in his field and sought-after expert by parents worldwide.

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